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About Us is brought to you by Cabrera Research Lab (CRLab). Through our research and products, CRLab drives innovation and public understanding of systems thinking. Our mission is to engage, educate, and empower people to use systems thinking to model information and complexity of all types, for themselves and their collaborators.

DSRP is an acronym that stands for the four simple rules/actions which underlie all forms of systems thinking: making distinctions (identifying things), defining part-whole systems, specifying relationships among elements of systems and between systems, and acknowledging that actors with differing perspectives will view and prioritize a map's distinctions, systems, and relationships differently.

By consciously mixing and matching these four simple actions, people can learn how to think in more accurate and creative ways, leading to four specific key outcomes: (1) higher level content mastery and deeper understanding of a topic (e.g., skill acquisition, test scores); (2) stronger and more flexible lifelong learning skills; (3) higher IQ-type skills (critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving); and (4) higher EQ-type skills (empathy, interpersonal skills, grit, and self-awareness).