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Top Rated Thinkified Water Lessons

What makes meta-thinking unique is that it is a "force multiplier" for existing water education resources. Meta-thinking doesn't create new water lessons, it makes existing water lessons better. The best way to engage young people in any topic is to get them thinking about it in deep, meaningful, and relevant ways. Students are more engaged when we do less what to know and more how to know. That's why our mission is to "thinkify" existing water content, creating better learning opportunities for youth to think more and care more. Check out a few of the "top rated" thinkified water lessons and then get yourself enrolled in a course to learn how to thinkify your own lessons and become a transformational educator.
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Take our online course: Teaching Thinking 101

Teaching Thinking 101 is an amazing online course for water educators to learn how to get students of all ages, PreK to College, to care about, think about, and build a deep understanding of water issues and ideas. 
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Ask Meta-Thinking Questions

One of the best ways to get kids to think deeply about any content is to ask deeper questions. Simply type a word or phrase into our tool and 20 meta-thinking questions are generated, "MadLib" style. Once you find a question you like, click "Map IT" and see that idea mapped via a powerful visual, meta-thinking software. Those questions and maps can lead you and your students down a variety of new paths on every topic.

Why do this? Because the traditional 5 W's (who, what, where, when, why) are a good start, but we know a lot more today about how the mind learns and can ask deeper, more penetrating, meta-thinking questions based on cognitive science. ThinkQuery is a fun activity that helps teachers and students ask better questions about any content (such as water), and then map it using MetaMaps, which communicate the information (vocabulary) but also the meta-thinking structures.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

No one ever got good at anything without practice. The key to teaching thinking and transforming lives is the right training and tools but then it takes practice. Once you're done with the online training, don't be afraid to make mistakes and remember to share what you learn with others!
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