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What is ThinkWater?

Watch the video at left and learn more about how ThinkWater is a force multiplier for existing water education curricula and content and our audacious Vision-Mission to Engage, Educate, and Empower a World of Water Thinkers.
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A Little Film About A Big Idea: Meta Thinking

A water thinker is someone who seeks a deep understanding of water topics and issues, is fluid or adaptive to our ever-changing knowledge of the role water plays in our lives, and is clear that small behavioral changes can make a big difference. An understanding of water requires more than just knowledge of the facts, it requires a critical mind, creative problem solving, a systems approach, and a prosocial awareness of the impacts of water on all people. In short, it requires meta-thinking. Learn more about meta-thinking and watch the film: A Little Film About A Big Idea (available now!).
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What is Water Thinking

You may often hear in the media, business, or school that "better thinking" is needed to address societal problems, business challenges or topics in school. At ThinkWater we believe that water thinking (meta-thinking on the topic of water) will build greater understanding, caring and behavior change, than what we've seen so far. Read on for a bigger picture of water thinking.

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Become a ThinkWater Fellow

Apply to become a 2014-2015 ThinkWater Fellow.  ThinkWater Fellows are awarded a financial stipend to cover the costs of the fellowship. They are invited to a 2-day kickoff meeting where they will meet with other fellows from around the US. ThinkWater Fellows are people who have a vested interest in the development of thinkified water lessons. "Creators" who understand that small actions can have a big effect. 
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Future water issues depend on present water education

Global water awareness and future water security happen locally—one student, one teacher and one lesson at a time. That's why ThinkWater focuses on a scalable solution: a crowd-sourced water curricula platform on which the best lessons rise to the top because they are developed by the crowd, shared globally, evolved through use, and endorsed by the crowd. Join us as a partner to revolutionize water education through metacognition. We’re looking for partners who are willing to embrace the idea that all the best lessons share a common visual language or cognitive grammar based on meta-thinking and the structure of knowledge itself.
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